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Lee J. Jones was born in 1949 in Morristown, Tennessee.

After graduating from Morristown High School and serving

in the Air Force, Lee earned a Bachelor of Science degree

in Electrical Engineering from Tennessee Technological

University.  He later earned a Master of Science degree in

Electrical Engineering from Florida Atlantic University. 

A life-long amateur radio enthusiast, Lee found his niche in

radio frequency design, working as a RF Design Engineer

for Motorola and a RF Test Engineer for Rockwell-Collins. 

In 2016, Lee ended his career as Chief Technology Officer

for Ten-Tec, Inc. in Sevierville, Tennessee.  Lee was the inventor of a variable bandwidth crystal filter with varactor diodes (known as the “Jones Filter”) and a dual mode direct current power supply.  Both patents were assigned to Ten-Tec, Inc.  He was a lifetime member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.

A $3,000 engineering scholarship is available for Upward Bound or Talent Search students who desire to pursue engineering as a career.  Funds may be used to pay for both academic and living expenses.

Selection Criteria:

1) Must have been accepted for admission into a two-year or four-year engineering post-secondary education program. 

2) The post-secondary institution must be an accredited “brick and mortar institution” (not an online college or university).  Preference is given to students entering public universities in Tennessee.

3) Submit a letter of recommendation from a high school mathematics teacher describing the students’ math coursework in high school, including dual-credit and AP courses.

4) Submit a copy of high school transcripts.

5) Be recommended for selection by Douglas-Cherokee’s TRIO Project Director.

6) Be registered/enrolled full-time before scholarship funds are disbursed for the first semester.


The deadline to apply is December 31, 2023.   

To continue to receive scholarship funds for a second semester, during the first semester the recipient must continue to be enrolled full-time, successfully complete all courses required for an engineering major, and earn a minimum GPA of 3.0. Recipient must submit college transcripts each semester.


Note: $3,000 per year (breakdown of $1500 per semester).

To apply, click here.

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