Alumni Blog: October 2022

The FAFSA is now OPEN! Complete the FAFSA ASAP! Here's what you need to know:
Information to Gather:


This FAFSA Checklist gives you all the information you need to gather before filing the FAFSA, and goes through a “Yes” or “No” list of scenarios that tell you if you are an independent student. If you answer “Yes” to any question, you are considered an independent student and do not need to enter parent information on your FAFSA.

Filling out the FAFSA Form:


This part of the student aid website has more details on how to fill out the FAFSA and answers some more specific questions you may have. 


One takeaway is that you MUST complete the FAFSA to receive federal student aid! Nobody should have to pay the sticker price for college. By filling out the FAFSA, you can receive free money in the forms of:

  • Student Aid (discounted tuition to meet your financial capacity / making education something you could more easily afford)

  • Grants (FREE money you don’t have to repay)

  • Loans (borrowed money you have to repay, with interest)

  • Work-Study Funds (pays you to have a job in college so you can work to pay for school)


Another takeaway is to KEEP YOUR FSA ID SAFE! Your FSA ID is how you log into your student aid account. It is where you can accept loans, complete the FAFSA, electronically sign your FAFSA, and edit your FAFSA. You don’t want someone else logging in and changing your information, or accepting unnecessary loans you MUST pay back. 


You will need your FSA ID EVERY YEAR THAT YOU ARE IN COLLEGE! You have to complete the FAFSA, every year you are in college, so keep your FSA ID information in a safe place you can access every year.


Lastly, your parent needs to create a FSA ID and keep it safe as well. You and your parent use your FSA IDs to electronically sign the FAFSA, so you both need to have a FSA ID and keep it safe to use again year after year. Parents can accept parent loans from their student aid accounts, or edit your FAFSA. The same safety precautions need to be taken for parents as well as students.

Last Comments:

  • Use a PERSONAL email for the FAFSA! Your high school and college emails are usually deleted shortly after graduation, so don’t use one of those! Use a personal email when creating your FSA ID so you will be able to log in during the consecutive years of filing the FAFSA. (The same goes for phone numbers!)


  • The MyStudentAid Mobile App has been retired. This year, you can only access the FAFSA through your web browsers at


  • If you need help filing out the FAFSA, there are plenty of people to go to for help, just don’t be afraid to reach out. Most colleges have financial aid offices that can point you to someone on campus who helps with FAFSAs. Or you can contact your old Talent Search adviser (we’d love to catch up and help you continue making the most out of your college experience). Also, most SSS programs (the college version of Talent Search) offer FAFSA assistance and will be able to help you.

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