2021 Virtual Summer Program

  • Academic Classes PLUS Work Study (available to all grades)

    • Tuesday, June 1 through Thursday, July 1

    • 3 classes per day, 4 days per week (Monday through Thursday)

      • Period 1 = 830AM-930AM

      • Period 2 = 935AM-1035AM

      • Work Study = 1045AM-1115AM

    • Successful Completion Stipend up to $300


  1. How many days am I allowed to miss? Students can miss up to 4 days. Any student who misses more than 4 days (for any reason) will not receive a successful completion stipend.

  2. If I go on vacation, can I complete my classes from there? Absolutely! Classes are virtual so students may attend classes while on vacation as long as they follow regular protocol.

  3. How much will each absence reduce my stipend? There are 19 days in summer program this year. So if you are seeking the $300 work study stipend, $300/19=$15.78 per full day absence. All absences will result in a stipend reduction regardless of the reason for the absence.

  4. What if I have to miss class due to attending college orientation? Talent Search does not reduce a stipend for an absence accrued to attend a college orientation. The student must provide proof of their attendance. However, this absence will count towards the maximum number of absences allowed (4).

  5. What if I only need to miss one class? Your stipend will be reduced $5.26 for each class period you miss.

  6. Am I required to share my Zoom webcam? Yes! No share or not in frame= no credit!

  7. Do I need a laptop, PC, or Chromebook for summer program?  Yes! Students cannot participate via a cellphone due to safety reasons, nor can they participate from moving cars. They must be at a workstation or desk, on a laptop, pc, or Chromebook and actively participating. 

  8. What does successful completion mean? This means you are in good standing with the program and satisfied the grade and attendance requirements for the virtual summer program.

  9. Am I required to score a specific grade to get my stipend? Yes! Students are required to score a cumulative average of 80% in their classes. Those who don't score an 80% will not receive a stipend.

  10. What happens if my internet goes out and I can't log in to class? If this happens, contact your Education Specialist immediately. You will be given a class packet to complete that day/night and submit the next morning. If this packet isn't submitted on time, you will receive an absence for the class.

POLICIES (cont'd)

  1. Participation is required.

  2. Treat everyone with respect.

  3. Be on time! 3 minutes or more = late/tardy. (15 minutes or more = absence for that class).

  4. 4 tardies = 1/2 day absence.

  5. Missing one class = 1/2 day absence

  6. Missing more than one class = 1 whole day absence

  7. Students may be absent up to 4 days during virtual summer program. Any student missing more than 4 days will not receive a successful completion stipend.

  8. Students can participate and complete their class and assignments from other locations, such as while on vacation etc, as long as they follow all the protocols listed on this page (1-12).

  9. Tutoring will be available Monday through Thursday for those students who need it.

  10. Students are expected to share their webcam with a complete and visible screenshot of their face. No share = no credit! Sharing only a portion of the head or face not in frame  = no credit!

  11. Students may use virtual backgrounds if they wish as long as they are not distracting. If asked to change the background, the student is expected to do so.

  12. Pay attention and participate. Anyone found to be off task, not paying attention, not participating, disturbing class, etc. will be asked to meet with their Education Specialist and the Program Manager via an online meeting. The student's continuation in the virtual summer program will be discussed at this time.

  13. Be in a well lit room at a desk or other type of table (no lying in bed, etc).

  14. Class times are as follows:

    • Period 1 = 830-930AM

    • Period 2 = 935-1035AM

    • Period 3 = 1045-1115AM

  15. Grades and attendance are kept in Thinkwave.

  16. Students will be given a Thinkwave account and should monitor his or her own performance.

  17. Turn assignments in on time! All late assignments will be levied with a mandatory 50% reduction in grade. (So, if an assignment is turned in late and the student scored a 90%, they will receive a 45% by default). Homework assignments will be limited this year, but students should expect a few homework assignments.

  18. Loaned technology (Chromebooks, laptops, etc) must be in good working condition with no damage when returned. This will be verified when they are returned.

  19. Successful Completion Stipend = student is in good standing, received a cumulative score of 80% or higher in their classes, and met the attendance requirements.  

If you have a question that is not listed above, type it below and the TRIO Director will answer it for you.



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