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Student Resources Page
Researching Colleges
Below you will find college information sheets that contain information including:
Type of college          Graduation Rate
Retention Rates       Degrees Offered    Cost of Attendance
Financial Aid Offered    Student Services Offered

Simply click the college you are interested in it will open the google docs link.

Researching Careers/Majors

Unsure about where to even begin? Try this quiz to help you get started: Click Here Once you have taken the quiz it gives you more information about good jobs for your personality. Here is the link to those so you can look back at often as you wish. Click Here

Need more information about a specific major? Below you will find information about different college majors including jobs you can get with the major, skills needed, typical classes, and colleges that offer that major. Simply click the photo and when it opens up click go to link. It will open a google doc with the information.  
Dual Enrollment Grant Information and Links


  • Be in 11th or 12th grade.

  • Complete and submit the Dual Enrollment Grant application by the deadline: 2yr./4yr. college- Fall Semester: Sept. 15th  Spring Semester: Feb. 1st   Summer Semester- May 15th

  • Meet admissions criteria for dual enrollment at the college you will be using for DE credits (You guidance counselor will know these requirements- ask about them at the end of your sophomore year). 

  • Must keep a 2.0 college GPA.



Semester hours attempted under the Dual Enrollment Grant program grant shall not count toward the total semester hours attempted at postsecondary institutions for purposes of Tennessee HOPE Scholarship eligibility. Dual enrollment courses attempted while in high school will not reduce the student’s HOPE Scholarship award amount in college.


Students enrolled at 2-year and 4-year eligible postsecondary institutions, the per credit hour award amounts for the first five (5) dual enrollment semester hour courses is the average tuition estimated annually by the Tennessee Board of Regents at community colleges, plus an additional dual enrollment access fee of five (5%) of the average tuition.

For a student’s sixth (6th) through tenth (10th) dual enrollment semester hour courses, TSAC will determine the annual award per semester credit hour.

You must create an account on the TSAC portal (click here).  Keep this information handy as it is the same place you will sign up for TN Promise as a senior. Also, you must apply every semester you take dual enrollment classes. 

FAFSA Information
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