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Alumni Blog - September 2023

Finding Your Major













Students often struggle when it comes to choosing a major in college because this is a period in their life where they are just starting to understand who they are and what they want to do in life. What they may not know is that it is okay to not know immediately what career path they want to choose. Many students have to go through their freshman year taking core classes to get an idea of what subjects they are interested in. College is a period of growth, and as you grow, you learn more about what interests you and start to set goals for your future. If you find yourself struggling to select a major, think about these key factors that can help you choose the right major that will land you a job that you will love.


What Are You Passionate About?





One place that you could start would be to think about what you are passionate about.


Are you interested in a career where you help people?

Are you interested in businesses and how they operate?

Would you want to work in healthcare?

Do you want to collaborate with a team to achieve goals?


Once you have a base line, you can research what types of majors tailor to your interests. You can start taking classes in that related field to see if that is something that you could see yourself doing in the future. Many colleges have programs that will place you in an internship in your related field to give you an insight into that career. This can help you decide if it is a good fit for you or if you need to investigate other majors.


Time Investment

When thinking about your major, it is important to consider the amount of schooling you will need to get that future job.

Do you only plan to get a Bachelor’s degree? Do you want to get a PhD?

It is important to understand the commitment you will have to make. Many professions require several years of schooling such as a medical doctor or a lawyer. A doctor has to get a Bachelor's degree, go to medical school for four years, and then complete a residency as a hospital for a couple more years. If that amount of schooling does not interest you, there are several other career paths that only require a Bachelor's degree. It is all about your goals and passions.

This plays a very important role in your major decision.

Projected Salary and Job Outlook












Another factor to consider is job salary and outlook. If you are interested in a specific career, research the yearly salary and job outlook to see if they align with your post-graduation plan. It is important to find a job that fulfills you and meets other requirements that you set in place for yourself. The job outlook for a major may not be as bright as some other professions, there may not be many positions available in your area, and you may not want to move to a larger city. These are all influential factors in your decision, and they require some researching and consideration.

Consider Your Happiness


Can you see yourself working in this field and enjoying what you do? If you choose a college major that aligns well with your values in life, you will improve your chance of enjoying your job well after college. You will be working for a good chunk of your life, and finding that excitement in your career makes a big difference. It is important to consider all of these factors when making your decision because they will work together to create a job environment that you will hopefully love.

Remember to take the time to really learn more about yourself and try new things in college that you would not usually consider. You may discover that you have a passion for a career that you had not ever dreamed about before. You may even end up changing your major a couple of times before you find the fit, and that is okay. You can discover new passions as you go through college, and you can arrange your career plan to cater to those.


If you are needing a little help getting started, here is a major quiz that will help to point you in the right direction based on your values and interests.

Marquette University Major Quiz -- Click Here!


Last Updated: 9/1/23

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